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Athletics Canada announces plans for Hershey’s Track and Field Games Day in Canada 2013….And NOC announces our own Hershey’s T&F Day on June 1st 2013. More info to follow soon.

185.jpgHTFG Day in Canada is a national celebration of the program and grassroots athletics aimed at increasing awareness by having fun. HTFG Day in Canada 2013 is set for May 24, new for this year; the celebration will be stretched out to encompass all Hershey’s Track & Field Games events taking place in May. It’s easy to participate; all you have to do is visit the new program website and fill out the quick and easy form. Registration takes a few seconds, the benefits last a lifetime.187.jpg

Athletics Canada is excited to launch the new website for the Hershey’s Track & Field Games Program in Canada as well as announce plans around the 2013 Hershey’s Track & Field Games Day in Canada (HTFG Day in Canada) event. The Hershey’s Track & Field Games Program is all about getting kids on the right track by teaching lifelong lessons and having fun every run, jump and throw along the way.

HTFG events are easy to host in your community, school or club; everything you need to get started is at All events registered by April 21 will be entered into a random draw to win amazing event prize packs including competition bibs, event t-shirts and a $1,000 grant for your local club.

Go to for a complete event calendar, event organizing tools, and the latest and greatest regarding HTFG in Canada 2013.


Athletics Canada | B1-110 2445 Saint Laurent Blvd | Ottawa | Ontario | K1G 6C3 | Canada

Fall Clean Up Time (An opportunity for new Members’ parents to meet the “old” ones!)

But it has to be done…

From Sharon:

We would like to start the fall clean up at the track.
First on the agenda is Monday, October 1st.
We need parents to help put the rail away. JP will be there early to get things started, but then his love of coaching will pull him to the trails.  The putting away job is much easier than the spring job of setting up.  Many hands make light work!!!  and this will get it done quickly. 
Please let JP know ( you will be available to help so we know that we will have a big crew.

Thank you!

“Believe it, Achieve it”

XC Camp 2012. For The Record…

Buckle your seatbelts, grab a comforter and settle in for a bumpy ride.

Bill has published a pictorial slice of life at this year’s XC Camp.

Be warned by the picture here. It can get rocky…

Collectors’ Items for Sale

Yes, there are still some BMY 2012 Meet special “Wicking Technology” T-shirts available for those of you that weren’t able to get one during the Meet itself.

Please remember that the funds from these sales all go towards improving our facilities and, in turn, our ability to host more of these  Big Meets.

Please consider investing in a few extras as gifts for Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas!

Details here.

Having fun while you run is always in fashion, just ask the designers

Picture Courtesy of The National Post

Perhaps this is something we should be promoting as a major Summer event for all active Niagara Region people whose 40th birthday occurs in that year?

From National Post:

It’s very difficult to flourish as a runner if you dread every step you take. The fashion world, a group not particularly synonymous with strenuous physical activities (at least not during the day), seized upon this notion recently by combining exercise with good times when a group of fashionistas gathered this past Sunday at a track in Toronto to celebrate the 40th birthday of Bustle Clothing’s creative director, Shawn Hewson.