NOC 2017 Facility Bookings

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Can you dig this Daddy’O? (and Mommy’O?)

DitchDiggersWe’re just about ready to roll in the heavy equipment to complete our Club’s major (Ontario Trillium Foundation-funded) transformation.

JP has (as usual) been working all hours to get the facility ready, recently having dug about 400 metres of trench (thank you very much Mr. Terry Free for supplying your trenching equipment and your time!) for burying electrical cables, communications cabling, conduit and water lines (not together we should note!).

He could really use our help on Monday morning, during and after 10am practise, to backfill and tamp down these trenches. We’ll need to bring shovels, rakes and any tamping tools we have. Shouldn’t take long if we get enough people to pitch in.

See you on site on Monday. Thanks!

Huge Thanks to all of you who helped with Spring clean-up at the club on April 12th

Work work work at Niagara Olympic ClubIt was a beautiful day, ideal for spring cleaning. With the sun shining so brightly, the results were immediately visible, which seemed to feed everyone’s enthusiasm for working harder to get it all done. The results are superb.

It all bodes well for the season.


Can you take an hour to celebrate with us on Saturday April 26th?

The Ontario Government's Trillium Foundation

This coming Saturday, at 11am, we’ll be doing some concentrated celebrating at the Club for an hour or so.

Join us in celebrationThe Honourable Jim Bradley, MPP, with Mayor McMullan of St. Catharines, and a member of the Ontario Trillium Foundation (the Government of Ontario’s OTF) evaluation committee, Mr. Harvie Hagerty, will be joining us for a formal announcement that will help us to radically revamp our great facility later this year.

Please come and join us (we’re even providing coffee and some sweet treats!); invite your family and friends. It’s your opportunity to say thank you to the OTF, and the City for their financial and in-kind support for our athletes, and indeed young athletes from right across the Region, who use our unique facility every year at about this time and through to the summer.

We hope that you can come out and join us in celebration.

2014 doth approach…

2014keepCalmSharon Shares:

2014 is coming… and the Indoor Season is upon us!

Training is underway.

See the indoor training schedule for times and locations.

Get Problem Reports to the Right Person in the Right Department

PSR_MAPWith Spring here to stay (any bets?), we’re introducing a 3rd Party system for capturing Complaints, Problems, Information Requests and Suggestions. It runs on any computing device with a browser, including smartphones.

You’ll find a “Report It Now” image on the left column of each page on this website, just below the main menus. Click on it to open a new browser tab and follow the simple prompts.

(Mandatory) Choose one from a series of “Categories”, then select the service “Type” that most closely fits what you want to report. These Categories and Types are chosen to suit the NOC “family”. See the last paragraph below for a longer list.

(Mandatory) Use the Google maps feature to pinpoint the right location. If you are using a smartphone with GPS, it’ll take your current location if that’s appropriate.

(Optional) Take/Upload appropriate photo images that will help Service Provider Staff to address your request more quickly and effectively.

Add descriptive information as required. If you’d like a phone call back, then leave your name and phone number here.

Submit your Service Request and you’ll be asked for your email address, so that the Service Provider can send you a link to keep you up to date with the Service Request status, as it’s dealt with. Don’t worry, your email is not disclosed to the Service Provider, so that you can stay anonymous while staying in touch.

PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T “play” with the system by submitting bogus Service Requests, as it is “live”. Service Providers include the City of St. Catharines, the Niagara Region, and other lower tier Niagara Municipalities, Utilities, Humane Societies, etc. The last thing they need is to receive bogus requests which waste time, money, and impact taxes.

Note: If you don’t see the Categories or service Types that you need, you can access a much more comprehensive list by closing the “Create Service Request” overlay window without submitting the Service Request, then click on the main page (Public Service Request), and you’ll get a “Public” page with many more options.


Important: AGM Postponed and Training Cancelled Tomorrow (Saturday Jan 26th)

PostponementFrom Sharon:

Due to unforeseen circumstances and schedules, the Annual General Meeting is postponed to Saturday February 9th at 10:00 am in the Clubhouse.

Practice for tomorrow is cancelled.  Athletes who are competing on Sunday should do their pre-competition warm up at home.

We apologize for the short notice with the changes.

Coach’s Caveat…Last Minute

Last minute memo…. please bring your spikes tonight. Yes, SPIKES, Yikes!!!!
I hope you cleaned off the cross country mud and took your pins out!!

“Believe it, Achieve it”
Sharon Stewart
905 933-2762
Coach, Niagara Olympic Track and Field Club

Revised Indoor Training Schedule

Sharon Shares:

I have attached a revised training schedule to accommodate the indoor training at McMaster University.

This is the closest available indoor facility.  This is more convenient than travelling to York University.  I have sent an information sheet with the details, by email.

Car pooling is recommended.  Athletes should let us know if they can drive others or if they need a ride.

2013indoor schedule-001

Almost Ushering in 2013…Forms Follow Function…

Just letting you know that we have updated our Facilities Usage and Membership Forms for 2013.

Please let us know if you have comments or questions.

ALSO…Please let your young athletes’ (sometimes called your children) Schools know that our Facilities are available for very affordable rent, in case they haven’t considered us before, for hosting healthy competition.

ALSO, ALSO…Please encourage your neighbours, friends and family to consider using our track, by purchasing an annual Shoe Tag for only $30 per year. What a deal!