Mohammed Ahmed looks forward to the Commonwealth Games and a professional running career

MohammedAhmedWisconsinBadgerPictures and article courtesy Bernie Puchalski at the St. Catharines Standard:

Making history wasn’t enough for Mohammed Ahmed.

By winning a bronze medal in the 10,000-metre race and placing fifth in the 5,000 metres at the NCAA track and field championships in Eugene, Ore., the St. Catharines distance runner became only the second University of Wisconsin runner to garner First Team All-America honours in the two events at the same NCAA championships.

The results capped a great career for the Wisconsin male athlete of the year candidate. The St. Catharines Collegiate alumnus earned eight All-America honours during his five years — five on the track and three in cross country. The Big Ten record holder in the 10,000 metres helped Wisconsin win four Big Ten cross-country crowns, three Big Ten track titles and the 2011 NCAA cross-country championship.

All that is well and good for the 2012 Olympian and ninth-place finisher at the 2013 world championships, but he leaves university without achieving his goal. More…



Research with youth athletes – University of Ottawa

ResearchRecruitmentWe have been asked by researchers from the University of Ottawa, to invite young competitive athletes and their parents to consider participating in their Research Project. Please review this Recruitment Letter and decide if the project merits your involvement.


Huge Thanks to all of you who helped with Spring clean-up at the club on April 12th

Work work work at Niagara Olympic ClubIt was a beautiful day, ideal for spring cleaning. With the sun shining so brightly, the results were immediately visible, which seemed to feed everyone’s enthusiasm for working harder to get it all done. The results are superb.

It all bodes well for the season.


2014 doth approach…

2014keepCalmSharon Shares:

2014 is coming… and the Indoor Season is upon us!

Training is underway.

See the indoor training schedule for times and locations.

NOC Front and Centre (literally)

TroyACxc2013-11-29_2352Not sure if you spotted NOC’s Troy Smith in the banner photo (from last year’s race) of the AC website for this year’s Vancouver XC Championships tomorrow (Nov 30th).

Go Team!


“Don’t look back”

Don’t look back. Don’t look down. Don’t look to the side.

Look forward. Concentrate.

Don’t worry about opponents or compare yourself to others.

Play your game. Run your race. Do your thing.

KeepCalmIf we work on our own potential, never worrying about how we compare to others or what others think, always looking ahead to how we can grow and improve, then chances are good that we will succeed.

If we spend precious time and energy always looking over our shoulders at the fellow competitor who is about to pass us, or feeling self-conscious about how we stack up in the competition, chances are greater we that we will not reach our athletic potential.

Participation in sports is about developing our own skills, setting our own goals, and working at our own pace.

It shouldn’t matter how well, or how poorly, another athlete is performing. Ultimately it’s up to us to do our best. Any energy we spend being distracted, worried, self-conscious, or overly concerned is energy that is not being used to train, be focused, and push the limits of our potential and ability.

Sharon Shares: Get Motivated! Daily Psych-Ups; K. Leverte Farley and S. M. Curry