Track Maintenance

Huge Thanks to all of you who helped with Spring clean-up at the club on April 12th

Work work work at Niagara Olympic ClubIt was a beautiful day, ideal for spring cleaning. With the sun shining so brightly, the results were immediately visible, which seemed to feed everyone’s enthusiasm for working harder to get it all done. The results are superb.

It all bodes well for the season.



A Quick Reminder…

From Sharon:

Monday is the start of fall clean up to put the rail away.  Athletes who are racing on Tuesday, can come to practice to do their warm up, while their parents help with the rail. 🙂

thanks a bunch!
Animation image of two carved pumpkins

Fall Clean Up Time (An opportunity for new Members’ parents to meet the “old” ones!)

But it has to be done…

From Sharon:

We would like to start the fall clean up at the track.
First on the agenda is Monday, October 1st.
We need parents to help put the rail away. JP will be there early to get things started, but then his love of coaching will pull him to the trails.  The putting away job is much easier than the spring job of setting up.  Many hands make light work!!!  and this will get it done quickly. 
Please let JP know ( you will be available to help so we know that we will have a big crew.

Thank you!

“Believe it, Achieve it”