It’s Official – NOC receives major Ontario Government Trillium Foundation Grant!

Trillium Award at NOC 2014 04 26

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Yes, last Saturday (April 26th) our club was awarded a capital improvements grant of $110,000 for:

1. New bleachers (clubhouse will be moved further south).

  • 300 seats, Accessible, with up-to-date safety features, moving close to the track straightaway finish line.
  • 2 sets of 30 seats in the Jumps and Throws area.

2. A new paved 15′ wide road/path from the main (south) gate along the 100m straight between the new bleachers and the track fence. This achieves full accessibility for athletes and spectators. This will also make damp weather spectating a much less muddy experience, and will allow club maintenance and meet equipment to be transported more reliably.

3. And lastly – New hurdle carts for easier setup and take down during training and meets.

I think we can say a huge Thank You to The Ontario Trillium Foundation! This gives our athletes, in fact all junior athletes in the Niagara Region, a new level of facility for training and competition. Thank You to Minister Jim Bradley, MPP for St. Catharines, Mayor Brian McMullan, and Mr. Harvey Hagerty of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, for presenting the award, accompanied by such kind and positive words of real encouragement for our athletes.

Another huge Thank You has to go out to the Team at the Niagara Sport Commission, who helped us compose, verify and support our bid, through each of the not-so-easy steps. Bram, Chris and Matt, we could not have achieved this without you. We look forward to collaborating in so many more ways to enhance our sport over the coming months and years.

All of the volunteers working on the club’s behalf should be rightly proud of this achievement. Impossible without your incredible efforts!

Here are a few pics from Saturday’s ceremonies. We look forward to your support as we enter the project execution phases, to ensure that the money is wisely and frugally spent.

Can you take an hour to celebrate with us on Saturday April 26th?

The Ontario Government's Trillium Foundation

This coming Saturday, at 11am, we’ll be doing some concentrated celebrating at the Club for an hour or so.

Join us in celebrationThe Honourable Jim Bradley, MPP, with Mayor McMullan of St. Catharines, and a member of the Ontario Trillium Foundation (the Government of Ontario’s OTF) evaluation committee, Mr. Harvie Hagerty, will be joining us for a formal announcement that will help us to radically revamp our great facility later this year.

Please come and join us (we’re even providing coffee and some sweet treats!); invite your family and friends. It’s your opportunity to say thank you to the OTF, and the City for their financial and in-kind support for our athletes, and indeed young athletes from right across the Region, who use our unique facility every year at about this time and through to the summer.

We hope that you can come out and join us in celebration.

NOC’s Spring Fling Pub Night – May 9.

Now, here’s an event you won’t want to miss!

For those of you that don’t believe that Spring will actually appear this year, we offer a night of glorious illusion!

For those who’s faith in the seasons is only marginally dented, perhaps this will be a relief…

Either way, our challenge is to encourage as many people as possible to come out for a great evening, knowing that the proceeds will be used to replenish our Facility capital improvement program fund. This year we’ll be making major improvements at our Club (formal announcements on April 12th after Spring Cleanup).

Tickets are available NOW, from all Club athletes. Please buy tickets early and often so that we can cater accordingly. THANK YOU!

noc spring fling flyer-001

A March Monday of Media Mayhem

niagara olympic clubEveryone talks about March Madness, and we had our own NOC  micro-version , jumping through hoops on Monday, March 3rd. At Sharon’s urging we had set up a St. Catharines City Council presentation for that evening, and as a result of the pre-publication of the agenda, we were interviewed by the St. Catharines Standard at the Club, on the prior Saturday. The outcome was a reasonably positive article, by Marlene Bergsma, in Monday’s paper, to start the day.

Then at around 4pm we were invited to be interviewed on the radio by Kevin Jack at CKTB 610 in St. Catharines. Sharon and Ian had a fun time with Kevin for about 12 minutes, and then it was off to City Hall for the presentation to Council, which of course is always televised. The presentation went well, and we really thank all of you Club members, parents and supporters who came along to the Council meeting as our cheering section.

An unexpectedly busy yet fun day holding court!


Solving Niagara

From Solving Niagara:

Attached is our event poster!
Here is our event website:

Thank you so much for your support Members and Friends of NOC!

All funds raised will be donated to The Many Hands Project. This years recipient is The Upper Deck Youth Centre in Vineland, where construction students from Niagara College will be renovating!

See you on April 5th!
Shelby Smit

March 5.pdf

Freedom Run for Diabetes Research

The Canadian Diabetes Association is holding a Freedom Run for Diabetes Research in Grantham Lions Park on September 7, 2013. We’d like to share the details of the event with the members of the Niagara Olympic Club. The event will include a 3K Family Fun Walk and a 5K Run/Walk. Please find the attached flyer and brochure with more details of the run. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me with the information below.

Thank you for your support of the Canadian Diabetes Association!

Best regards,

Koren Chou
Run/Walk for Diabetes Event Assistant

Canadian Diabetes Association

Southern Ontario Region
14 Irvin Street, Suite 1
Kitchener, ON, N2H 1K8

Tel. 519-742-1481 Ext.221
Fax 519-742-1282

FreedomRun_Posters_StCath wocm.pdf

FreedomRun_Bro_Generic_2013 wocm.pdf

Meating and Eating to raise key Club funding at Montana’s

MontanasRestaurants2013-02-20_0828With the demise of Bingo as a reliable funding platform (typically Bingo used to bring in up to $5,000 per year), your Board is looking at a range of sustainable alternatives.

Montana’s Cookhouse at Lake Street and QEW in St Catharines has a wall of “Bird-Feeders”, one of which is now dedicated to NOC.

When ANYONE eats at the restaurant, and inserts their bill into NOC’s Bird-Feeder, the Club receives 5% of the billed amount, net of taxes, alcohol and gratuities.

So, we are asking, urging, beseeching You to think about patronizing Montana’s when you want to eat out. AND, to encourage your family, friends, neighbours to consider doing so. The more the NOC bird-feeder is “fed”, the more funding we can raise, to keep our membership fees the lowest they can be.