Get Problem Reports to the Right Person in the Right Department

PSR_MAPWith Spring here to stay (any bets?), we’re introducing a 3rd Party system for capturing Complaints, Problems, Information Requests and Suggestions. It runs on any computing device with a browser, including smartphones.

You’ll find a “Report It Now” image on the left column of each page on this website, just below the main menus. Click on it to open a new browser tab and follow the simple prompts.

(Mandatory) Choose one from a series of “Categories”, then select the service “Type” that most closely fits what you want to report. These Categories and Types are chosen to suit the NOC “family”. See the last paragraph below for a longer list.

(Mandatory) Use the Google maps feature to pinpoint the right location. If you are using a smartphone with GPS, it’ll take your current location if that’s appropriate.

(Optional) Take/Upload appropriate photo images that will help Service Provider Staff to address your request more quickly and effectively.

Add descriptive information as required. If you’d like a phone call back, then leave your name and phone number here.

Submit your Service Request and you’ll be asked for your email address, so that the Service Provider can send you a link to keep you up to date with the Service Request status, as it’s dealt with. Don’t worry, your email is not disclosed to the Service Provider, so that you can stay anonymous while staying in touch.

PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T “play” with the system by submitting bogus Service Requests, as it is “live”. Service Providers include the City of St. Catharines, the Niagara Region, and other lower tier Niagara Municipalities, Utilities, Humane Societies, etc. The last thing they need is to receive bogus requests which waste time, money, and impact taxes.

Note: If you don’t see the Categories or service Types that you need, you can access a much more comprehensive list by closing the “Create Service Request” overlay window without submitting the Service Request, then click on the main page (Public Service Request), and you’ll get a “Public” page with many more options.



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