Occasional Fun items to keep us smiling through the pain of winter training!

Wishing our Coaches & 8 Athletes a Great PEI Trip



Everyone at NOC is behind you, your efforts and performances, all the way.

The “Hurt” has been worth it…

Enjoy the whole experience.


Niagara Olympic Club promotes a great Firemen’s Park event!

Harvest Trail Run

Click on any image to register.


Some Pics from the 2012 BMY at NOC…

We’re starting to build an album for the recent 2012 BMY Championships Meet.

Please consider sending us your own Pics from the weekend, so that we can share them with the many participants, their families and friends.

Thank you.

Express Yourself…Add Your Own Highlights to “The A-Z of BMY…”

Please feel free to add your own alphabetical entries using the Comment capability on our previous Post…

The A-Z of BMY…

  • For the Athletes who worked so hard to get there and perform at their best.
  • For Athletics Ontario, the organization that exists to service all affiliated Track and Field clubs in Ontario.


  • For the Beauty of the NOC facility!
  • And the Batons, most of which were passed, and a few…dropped.


  • For the Coaches who dedicate their waking hours to creating better lives for the athletes.
  • For each Community that benefits from the presence of each Track Club in Ontario.
  • For the City of St. Catharines for welcoming and accommodating quite the gathering.
  • For Courtney who gave us such a lovely rendition of Oh Canada, in both official languages.


  • For the Determination shown by all Athletes, Coaches, Volunteers and Parents in the face of extreme heat followed by extreme storms.
  • For the Dedication of Sharon and JP in making these Championships a great success.
  • For the Dog whose owner managed to smuggle it past the signs at the gates and the notices on all the websites!


  • For the Enthusiasm of all the participants. Thank you.
  • For Emma whose clear, positive voice kept us all fully informed all the time. Thank you.


  • For the Facility that was readied for the event by the tireless work of JP Korsmit, Coach and does-it-all guy.
  • For the Friends and Families who cheered and teared throughout the weekend.


  • For the Guts that it takes for the Athletes to step up and compete against the best in the province.


  • For the Heat that challenged all of us on day one.
  • For the Hurdles, both physical and metaphorical that were faced, overcome and occasionally toppled!


  • For the Integrity shown by almost everyone involved.


  • For the Joy on the faces of the winning athletes.
  • For the Journalists who covered the event with enthusiasm.


  • For the Knowledge and wisdom of the A.O. Officials that enabled all the events to run so smoothly.


  • For the London Legion club that co-hosted the Championships with NOC.
  • For the Long-jump pits that were so thirsty in the heat, that they needed a City water truck to feed them.


  • For Mohammed Ahmed, Canadian Olympic Team member who raced the 10K valiantly in his first Games.
  • For His Worship the Mayor of St. Catharines, who so eloquently opened the Championships for us.
  • For the Moisture on Sunday that cooled us all down.
  • For the Medley Relays that book-ended Sunday’s schedule.
  • For the Medals so preciously won.


  • For the Neighbourhood that accepted and assimilated everyone with grace and patience.
  • For the Nerves of the Athletes before each event.


  • For the Olympics that tried valiantly to compete with us during the weekend, but to little avail!
  • For the Organisation that took so much unpaid time and effort. Thank you.
  • For the Officials. A difficult job, quietly and professionally done.


  • For the Pizza and Popsicles always at hand for those in need of refreshment and calories.
  • For the Pole-Vault, high on everyone’s list!


  • For the Quality through and through.


  • For the Rain that was much needed but showed poor timing!
  • For the Recreation and Parks Department of St. Catharines who saved our bacon by getting water to the jump pits on both days. Thank you!
  • For the excitement of the Relays. Thank you A.O. for passing NOC the baton this year. We look forward to hosting again soon.


  • For Suzanne Leroux of A.O. who worked so tirelessly to make the Championships such a success. Thank you.
  • For the Shade that was being sold at a premium on Saturday!


  • For the colourful and impressive Tents, especially from Ottawa Lions.
  • For the Teams who relentlessly supported each other with such vigour and integrity.


  • For the Understanding shown by everyone on Sunday during the 2 hour storm delay.


  • For the Volunteers who worked so hard, before, during and after the Championships to help make them such a success. Thank you.


  • For the Wicking (Moisture Management) meeT-shirts, that were a big hit. Thank you Dave.


  • For the Xcellence shown by all the Athletes and Coaches.
  • For the eXtra distance that everyone went to, to make it a pleasure for participants.


  • For our Youth many of whom will go on to make Canada proud in Track and Field worldwide.


  • For the Zeal that was exhibited at every turn by A.O., NOC and London Legion. Thank you.

Soon we’ll be preparing for the Cross-Country season…

This new footwear should help us to prepare early for running on turf!

How about a Limited Edition (mee)T-shirt

Available in limited quantities,  high-quality, all sizes, at the BMY Meet August 4/5th.

“Performance Moisture Wicking T Shirts”

Only $20!

BMY Championships Weekend Things To Do…

Thank you to Alex for providing several excellent “To Do” suggestions that we have incorporated into the sub-Tab called  Things To Do.

You’ll see that your suggestions are vital, so we are asking you for more original ideas that are not necessarily to be found on the Niagara Falls website.

Again, let’s try to promote the City of St. Catharines as much as we can.

Please add your ideas under Comments and we’ll do the rest.

Thank you!

The BMY Meet “Kit”, August 4/5th Has Arrived

OK, here it is. You can move back from the edges of your seats. You no longer have to keep pacing, awaiting a knock at the door. The mailman has delivered!

Our BMY Championships AO Kit is here in solid bits and bytes!

Enjoy, absorb, digest and interpret. Volunteers start your engines.

Now we can answer questions, help people make accommodation decisions and get all the details ironed out. Please stay tuned.

Pics of “Mospeed”

Sharon Shares:

Here are a few pics Mo at the trials. The cam was not that great but we can expect some better quality images soon.