The A-Z of BMY…

  • For the Athletes who worked so hard to get there and perform at their best.
  • For Athletics Ontario, the organization that exists to service all affiliated Track and Field clubs in Ontario.


  • For the Beauty of the NOC facility!
  • And the Batons, most of which were passed, and a few…dropped.


  • For the Coaches who dedicate their waking hours to creating better lives for the athletes.
  • For each Community that benefits from the presence of each Track Club in Ontario.
  • For the City of St. Catharines for welcoming and accommodating quite the gathering.
  • For Courtney who gave us such a lovely rendition of Oh Canada, in both official languages.


  • For the Determination shown by all Athletes, Coaches, Volunteers and Parents in the face of extreme heat followed by extreme storms.
  • For the Dedication of Sharon and JP in making these Championships a great success.
  • For the Dog whose owner managed to smuggle it past the signs at the gates and the notices on all the websites!


  • For the Enthusiasm of all the participants. Thank you.
  • For Emma whose clear, positive voice kept us all fully informed all the time. Thank you.


  • For the Facility that was readied for the event by the tireless work of JP Korsmit, Coach and does-it-all guy.
  • For the Friends and Families who cheered and teared throughout the weekend.


  • For the Guts that it takes for the Athletes to step up and compete against the best in the province.


  • For the Heat that challenged all of us on day one.
  • For the Hurdles, both physical and metaphorical that were faced, overcome and occasionally toppled!


  • For the Integrity shown by almost everyone involved.


  • For the Joy on the faces of the winning athletes.
  • For the Journalists who covered the event with enthusiasm.


  • For the Knowledge and wisdom of the A.O. Officials that enabled all the events to run so smoothly.


  • For the London Legion club that co-hosted the Championships with NOC.
  • For the Long-jump pits that were so thirsty in the heat, that they needed a City water truck to feed them.


  • For Mohammed Ahmed, Canadian Olympic Team member who raced the 10K valiantly in his first Games.
  • For His Worship the Mayor of St. Catharines, who so eloquently opened the Championships for us.
  • For the Moisture on Sunday that cooled us all down.
  • For the Medley Relays that book-ended Sunday’s schedule.
  • For the Medals so preciously won.


  • For the Neighbourhood that accepted and assimilated everyone with grace and patience.
  • For the Nerves of the Athletes before each event.


  • For the Olympics that tried valiantly to compete with us during the weekend, but to little avail!
  • For the Organisation that took so much unpaid time and effort. Thank you.
  • For the Officials. A difficult job, quietly and professionally done.


  • For the Pizza and Popsicles always at hand for those in need of refreshment and calories.
  • For the Pole-Vault, high on everyone’s list!


  • For the Quality through and through.


  • For the Rain that was much needed but showed poor timing!
  • For the Recreation and Parks Department of St. Catharines who saved our bacon by getting water to the jump pits on both days. Thank you!
  • For the excitement of the Relays. Thank you A.O. for passing NOC the baton this year. We look forward to hosting again soon.


  • For Suzanne Leroux of A.O. who worked so tirelessly to make the Championships such a success. Thank you.
  • For the Shade that was being sold at a premium on Saturday!


  • For the colourful and impressive Tents, especially from Ottawa Lions.
  • For the Teams who relentlessly supported each other with such vigour and integrity.


  • For the Understanding shown by everyone on Sunday during the 2 hour storm delay.


  • For the Volunteers who worked so hard, before, during and after the Championships to help make them such a success. Thank you.


  • For the Wicking (Moisture Management) meeT-shirts, that were a big hit. Thank you Dave.


  • For the Xcellence shown by all the Athletes and Coaches.
  • For the eXtra distance that everyone went to, to make it a pleasure for participants.


  • For our Youth many of whom will go on to make Canada proud in Track and Field worldwide.


  • For the Zeal that was exhibited at every turn by A.O., NOC and London Legion. Thank you.

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