2012 SOSSA X-C Results and Logistics for OFSAA

From Barbara Phelan:


Here are the results for the SOSSA Cross Country meet.

Team Qualifiers to OFSAA:
If any changes are needed include an alternate OFSAA will make the change for you on Friday or Saturday before the races begin. I suggest that you bring a copy of the Zone results so that you can demonstrate that your runner has participated in the series. This will save them from having to look for the results in the package that they receive from me.

Individual Qualifiers to OFSAA:
If your individual athlete is unable to compete at OFSAA please let me know so that I can contact the next qualifier who would love the opportunity to compete at OFSAA.

Remember that school singlets must be identical in each age group.

Barbara Phelan

OFSAA information here:
Park will be open for parking on Friday, November 2nd for registration and orientation.

The Conservation Area and Heart Lake Road will be closed to all traffic on Saturday, November 3rd with the exception of school buses dropping off teams.

The drop off will be at the entrance of the conservation area. School buses must then travel to one of the two shuttle sites.

All other athletes, coaches and spectators will use a shuttle bus service from Harold Braithwaite SS (415 Great Lakes Drive, Brampton) or Mayfield SS (5000 Mayfield Road, Brampton). Please adjust your travel time accordingly. (30 minutes) The shuttle will cost $2 for spectators. Athletes must show their competitor number and coaches their coaches pass to board the buses for free.


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