Vandals Trash NOC Facilities

We are very sad and disturbed by having to let you know that a group of hooligans (thought to be end-of-term high school celebrants), last night criminally trashed our great facilities, causing extensive damage to the Track rails, and leaving a trail of garbage, broken bottles and other personal debris all across the track and field areas.

The Police are actively involved in determining what and how such a thing happened. A Reporter from the St. Catharines Standard newspaper was also investigating this morning, so we should expect local coverage.

If you are aware of anyone who is known to have been involved, could you please contact the St. Catharines Niagara Regional Police immediately and give them details.

On a recovery note, some basic cleanup has been done today by volunteers from West Park Secondary School, but we are concerned about smaller shards of glass and metal on the Track Surface and in the pathways. If you can come along at about 9am tomorrow Saturday, an hour prior to start of practise, we are going to try to pick up as much as possible.

If you can come along to help, please bring suitably protective gloves and eye-wear.

Thank you.


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