Meating and Eating to raise key Club funding at Montana’s

MontanasRestaurants2013-02-20_0828With the demise of Bingo as a reliable funding platform (typically Bingo used to bring in up to $5,000 per year), your Board is looking at a range of sustainable alternatives.

Montana’s Cookhouse at Lake Street and QEW in St Catharines has a wall of “Bird-Feeders”, one of which is now dedicated to NOC.

When ANYONE eats at the restaurant, and inserts their bill into NOC’s Bird-Feeder, the Club receives 5% of the billed amount, net of taxes, alcohol and gratuities.

So, we are asking, urging, beseeching You to think about patronizing Montana’s when you want to eat out. AND, to encourage your family, friends, neighbours to consider doing so. The more the NOC bird-feeder is “fed”, the more funding we can raise, to keep our membership fees the lowest they can be.


Athletics Ontario (A.O.) 2013 Membership Forms Published

formsSharon Shares:

The new A.O. Forms are now posted on the website.

Full Year Fees range from $60 to $120, age dependent.