2014 Youth Olympic Games Area Trials Selection Guidelines

Suivre ce lien pour la version en français.2014 Youth Olympic Games Area Trials Selection Guidelines

Federations competing at the 2014 Youth Olympic Games Area Trials in Miramar Florida have been granted the opportunity to enter more than 2 athletes per event provided these athletes have achieved the Minimum Qualifying Standard for their event. Athletics Canada has established the following entry guidelines –

Step 1. Declared athletes with the Top 2 performances* established during the Qualifying Period** for each event offered at the Area Trials will be entered.

Step 2. Additional athletes will be entered providing they have submitted their Athletes Declaration Form before the deadline, AND have established performance equal to or better than the Qualifying Standards within the Qualifying Period

Step 3. The maximum number of events that an athlete can compete in is two individual events. If the two individual events are Track Events, only one of these two individual races may be longer than 200m.

*All outdoor performance established with legal wind will be accepted. For throwing, hurdle and Steeple Chase events, only performances established with regulation youth implement and hurdles will be accepted. Indoor performances for the events offered at the Area Trials will be accepted.

**Qualifying Period May 1, 2013 to March 16, 2014.

2014 Youth Olympic Games Area Trials Qualifying Standards

MEN Standards Women Standards
100m 11.14 100m 12.18
200m 22.48 200m 25.02
400m 48.67 400m 56.78
800m 1.57.74 800m 02:19.67
1500m 04:12.50 1500m 04:53.45
3000m 09:11.15 3000m 10:58.23
110m Hurdles (0.914m) 15.99 100m Hurdles (0.762m) 14.85
400m Hurdles (0.84m) 55.75 400m Hurdles (0.762m) 01:04.09
2000m Steeplechase 06:36.02 2000m Steeplechase 07:45.17
10,000m Race Walk No standard 5000m Race Walk No Standard
High Jump 1.87 High Jump 1.52
Pole Vault 4.30 Pole Vault 3.35
Long Jump 6.79 Long Jump 5.53
Triple Jump 13.86 Triple Jump 11.58
Shot Put (5 kg) 15.88 Shot Put (3 kg) 12.12
Discus Throw(1.5 kg) 48.06 Discus Throw (1 kg) 38.03
Hammer Throw (5 kg) 51.42 Hammer Throw(3 kg) 34.01
Javelin Throw (700 g) 52.13 Javelin Throw 500 g) 34.87

Performances must appear on Athletics Canada’s Rankings. It is the responsibility of the athlete to submit eligible performances to AC in order to be considered for selection. Please consult the Rankings section on Athletics Canada’s website for further details: http://www.athletics.ca/page.asp?id=65.


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