Running Relay Waterfront Trail Volunteers Highly Sought After!

From Petrina Tulissi:

There is a running event called RAGNAR that will be starting in Cobourg on June 14th and ending in Niagara Falls on June 15th. They will be using the Waterfront Trail with some of the proceeds coming back to the charity.
The event, which will be a lot of fun and currently has over 1,200 people signed up to participate, mostly Americans, is looking for volunteers. In this link it will list the locations of the rest stops and the times of the volunteer shifts. That same link can also be used for volunteers to register (they can enter any state as there are no provinces listed).
We were hoping that you would help us get the word out for the need for volunteers to your groups …. maybe friends and family too … so that we can help RAGNAR show off how hospitable and enthusiastic Ontarians are.

Thanks for your help.
Petrina Tulissi
Tour Director’s email address
Great Waterfront Trail Adventure
c: 416-458-6859
o: 416-943-8080
skype: petrinatw!/gwtadventure


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