Our Parent Volunteers Do It All!

Many people have the mistaken belief that NOC is a City-run Track and Field Facility.

Yes, the City owns the Facility, but it is leased, on a 5-year renewable basis, to NOC.

The City is responsible for the perimeter, garbage bins, toilets, the lighting and the trees, but NOC Volunteers pretty much do all the rest, including cutting the grass, and maintaining the Track and Field Assets.

The only people paid by NOC, other than specific contractors such as track surface repair companies, are those summer students who run the Meet concessions and logistics, and ensure User safety.

One of the parent volunteers is seen here happily mowing the grass last weekend, a weekly requirement through Spring, Summer and Fall. That tractor is owned and maintained by NOC. When it’s served its useful life (quite soon actually), NOC will raise the funds to replace it.

That’s why, when we ask for volunteer help, we do really, really appreciate your active support. It’s a cliche, but without it, we simply couldn’t operate.


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