Track Season starts in earnest…Please bring us your news…

As you can see from our NOC facilities bookings Calendar (the big turquoise icon on the right hand side), things are busy at the track on an almost daily basis well into June.

This means that our Athletes are also involved in many of these events, especially DSBN and CDSBN.

We would really like to get your results, new PBs, Group and District records etc. to help showcase NOC to the City and the Region.

Please send us your newsworthy¬†results and we’ll publish them, with your permission.

As always, photos go such a long way in supporting the news, so please send them in frequently too.

This is recruitment season for NOC, and nothing says “Try us out” like success on the Track in school, group and district Meets.

See you in the news!

Thank you.


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