A Gentle Reminder…(and a bit more)

Tomorrow (Saturday April 14th), we are back to Training at the Club, and asking that as many Volunteers as possible come out to help with cleanup, track edging and other aesthetic maintenance.

Thank you to all the Volunteers who have already been at the Club doing facilities, litter and tree branch cleanup.

Also, we met with the City of St. Catharines Recreation and Community Services senior management this week. We have agreed to a long list of joint actions that will contribute strongly to our Club being ready for the 27 Meets that are already booked this year.

Most visible will be new, large, brightly-coloured, strategically-placed, tethered garbage receptacles, and 4 Porta-Potties (just outside the boundary fence), including an “accessible” unit this year. You may also see several loads of mulch that the City is delivering for weed-control near our trees, and use around the bleachers. As soon as this arrives, we’ll likely be asking for help in placing it appropriately, requiring wheelbarrows, shovels and rakes at that time.

We’ll try to keep you posted. And Thank You in advance for helping out tomorrow.


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