Spring Club/Track Cleanup Volunteers Much Needed

We are asking (we don’t like to use the term “begging”), beseeching you even, to help with Club/Track Spring Cleaning while the athletes train, on either/both Saturday(s) April 14th / 21st.

We have scheduled 27 Events this year, that will be using the NOC Facilities, starting on April 24th. The income generated by these events ensures that your Membership fees are kept to a minimum. It’s really important to have our Facilities in top-notch shape, both at the outset, and for each day of competition/training. With your help, we can get a great head start.

With enough Volunteers, we can get things done pretty quickly. If you can bring along basic tools, such as shovels, wheelbarrows, protective gloves etc., that would be a bonus.

Hours spent cleaning up go towards your Membership Volunteer “Bond”, meaning lowered costs to you directly.

So far, after our first request, response has been lukewarm, and we are getting nervous!

If you, your family and friends can come along and help, please let us know by calling Sharon (905 933-2762), or by hitting the rating button (Thumbs Up) above this Post.

Thank you for helping your club get off to a sparkling start in 2012.


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