What’s The Scoop?

Unfortunately there is very little scooping going on…

Please help!!

We have huge concerns about the use of the Westpark soccer fields on Louth Street, as an ‘off leash’ dog park.

In the evenings there are 8 – 10 large dogs running free and defecating all over the recreational area.

This is a significant health issue for young users of the recreation fields, quite apart from contravening City by-laws.

We have brought this issue to the City’s attention, but there is little they can do, after hours.

We were advised to call the Lincoln County Humane Society, but the response was not very reassuring.

If you are a concerned parent, athlete or recreational walker at the park, you might wish to contact City Councillors and the Humane Society.

Messrs. Joe Kushnar and Matthew Harris, are Councillors in the Ward for this park.

A full contact list is attached. If you live in town, you can contact the Councillor for your ward.

Also, to contact the Lincoln County Humane Society: 905 682-0767 Director is Kevin Strooband.

Let’s get mobilised to get the park restored to being a safe recreational facility for the City’s kids!

Keep the kids safe! Thank you.

St Catharines Councillors Email and Telephone 2013 04 18.pdf


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