Warning from Greater Regional Environmental Enforcement Division.

We have been informed by this Regional Agency that due to the early Spring and warm, wet conditions, we should expect an unusually large population of Malaysian Toads this year on damp grasslands in particular. Apparently these Toads are not indigenous to the Region, but have gained a foothold after escaping from Food Container ships that (illegally) flush their cargo holds in the Canal as they traverse the Great Lakes.

You may have seen this story on Buffalo PBS Channels recently, and you have probably read Sharon’s recent email on the subject.

These little Toads are cute, but have become a menace due to their lack of natural predators. The Region is contemplating erecting signs to warn motorists that large numbers of these creatures will be  crossing roads in search of damp pasture and grasslands. This could cause unsafe road surface and pathway conditions.

According to Mr. Tod Merriweather, Director of the Division:

These cute little Toads can be a real hazard to road traffic, and have caused falls and injuries in Public areas, especially Parks along the Niagara Escarpment. Please let us know if you encounter them in large numbers. In the meantime you may see warning signs along roads and public footpaths. Thank you for your cooperation.


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