Information Underload

It feels as if we have descended into an information void, doesn’t it? No Coach-guided Training scheduled for this week, other than our athletes’ own commitment to continued personal training schedules. A good percentage of our athletes are down in Alabama at March Break Camp. We’ve heard from Sharon that the trip was uneventful, and that they have commenced Training and Fun activities with gusto, and will be sending pictures as available.

Mid week, Troy Smith and Michelle Molodynia will be meeting up in Miami to fly to Trinidad to represent Canada in the NACAC cross-country championships, and we wish them good fortune and well-earned rewards.

For those of you enjoying family-time during the Break, whether at home or away, we’re putting up a small, but useful, prize for the best photo taken during the Break. The 3 Coaches will decide on the winning picture, but all photos will be featured in these pages. So, please get snapping.



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