Going Over the 2000 Post and Pages Viewer Milestone

We thought that some of you might be interested in knowing that we have just passed (today) the 2000 “views” milestone. This represents the number of times that people have clicked on Posts and Pages in this Blogsite, other than the administrator of course. For the size of our regular viewing audience (44 registered) this is a strong number, particularly since it doesn’t take into account “clicks” on external links directly from the emails that you automatically receive whenever there is a new Post.

We’d like to encourage more feedback in the form of Comments, and Ratings so that we can keep you fully informed, amused, and involved in the NOC Program. Please also think about sending links from Posts and Pages that you like, to your friends, relatives and supporters via email, as we are always in “recruitment” mode for new Member Athletes. We also want to ensure that our Track Facility Rental “dance card” is fully committed through the outdoor season, which really helps to keep our Membership Fees as low as possible.

If you’d like to become an Author and contribute your own Posts, just let us know and we can adjust your status accordingly. Please just email us if you have questions, concerns or comments of any kind. Thank you.


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