Please check out our Eligibility Guidelines if you aren’t already familiar with them.

NOC Membership can be divided into 3 “seasons”:

  • Indoor (Winter from mid December to April). Training sessions are outdoors, weather permitting, and indoor at Ridley College, McMaster University, and York University.
  • Outdoor (Spring and Summer). Training primarily at NOC Track, plus surrounding parks and trails.
  • Cross-Country (post-Labour Day to end of November). Outdoor training, including Short Hills Park occasionally.

Note: Training sessions are up to three times per week unless competitions intervene. Athletes are expected to train from home on some non-club days, subject to instructions from the Coaches, and safety supervision by parents and guardians.

Prospective new Members are invited to participate in two regular training sessions for mutual assessment of suitability. These two sessions are free of charge. Please notify our Head Coach if you plan to take advantage of this offer, and please arrive a few minutes early, dressed appropriately, for orientation.

For more information about NOC membership please review our 2018 membership information package which can be found HERE.

Application Forms Can be Found HERE.


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