PURPOSE of the Club

To foster and promote the sport of track and field, other athletic activities, fitness and sportsmanship in St. Catharines and District by providing programs of training and competition for members at all levels of athletic ability, with the ultimate goal of achieving athletic excellence in a social and fun environment.
NOC provides training programs on a year round basis with practice sessions three times per week. From December through March athletes are involved with Indoor Track and Field. On Mondays we train at the Ridley College Field House. The cost of this training facility is subsidized by the Club. Other indoor training may be at SkyZone for strength and conditioning or at York University for interval work outs. Athletes are responsible for the cost of this training, which is usually $5.00 per visit. The track program moves outdoors at the end of March and continues to early August. We do all our training at our own facility. In September, the distance group begins the Cross Country season while the speed-power group begins a conditioning program. This training happens at Short Hills, Firemens’ Park and our own facility and continues until November. We have a two day
fall training camp for all age groups and a Spring Break Training Camp in Alabama for grade seven and up.

Provincial Affiliations

There are opportunities for competitions at all levels of ability, including Provincial and National championships, and several invitational or twilight meets. Athletes are required to join either Athletics Ontario (AO) or the Minor Track Association (MTA), depending on their age, for insurance purposes.
 Athletics Ontario requires the athlete to be registered online, by their parent. You can do this on the AO website:
 Registration with the Minor Track Association is completed by the NOC registrar.
Meet Entries
• You will receive meet information from your coach and/or the Registrar. You must inform your coach of your intention to compete by the due date to be included in the Club entries. Entries to compete are at the coach’s discretion, based on attendance at practice and readiness to compete.
• All entries are completed by the club registrar. The entry fees will be deducted from your Athlete’s account. If you are registered to compete and do not attend the meet the entry fees are not reimbursed.
• NOC athletes are expected to make it a priority to represent the Club at the AO and MTA
Championships. Athletes who meet the criteria will be invited to compete at the National
• Athletes representing NOC are expected to wear an NOC shirt/singlet.
Fund Raising Club members must also participate in fund raising activities throughout the year.

Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to bring their children to practice and are welcome to stay and watch. At times, parents may be asked to help with setting up equipment, timing, digging and raking the jump pits, and other small chores. For this the coaches are very appreciative. However, the coaches also ask that the parents respect the ‘coach-athlete space’ during practice times and at meets. Please retain a respectful distance and understand that the technical teaching objectives in progress are not necessarily achieved by going faster or harder.

Application Forms Can be Found HERE.


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