Eligibility Guidelines


  • Club membership is open to any young athlete, starting at 11 years of age and up, including Masters.
  • Athletes must be able to attend team training on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, AND be able to follow additional training requirements from home.
  • All member athletes are expected to commit to participating in Competitions, some local, and some further afield, regardless of their level of accomplishment.
  • Where travel is required, to training or meets, the coaches and parent volunteers make every effort to provide group transportation.
  • Athletes are strongly urged to participate in March Break Training Camp (always in warmer climes – southern U.S.), and a Fall Cross-Country training weekend at Short Hills Park.
  • Lastly, Parents and Guardians expected to volunteer a little of their time for some (fun)draising events, and in relatively few, more basic activities, such as Spring Track clean-up.

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