Attention all Niagara Region Elementary and Secondary Schools

The Track Rental Permit forms for the 2016 season are now available. Please check the Facilities Bookings calendar for available dates.

​Please take note some of the 2016 Season terms of use, and suggestions, to avoid disappointment:
  • Please book your dates as soon as possible, as demand is very high already.
  • Small schools with less than 200 participants are​ encouraged​ to​ “double up” and share with another small school.​
    This can also reduce your Track Rental fees.
  • The facility access time is 30 minutes prior to meet start time for elementary meets, and 1 hour prior to start time for high school meets.
  • No rain dates are offered due to the high demand​ and consequent lack of availability​.​
  • DSBN schools can ​now pay by Electronic Funds​ Transfer​.​

Sharon Stewart
905 933-2762
Coach, Niagara Olympic Track and Field Club

2016 track permit.pdf


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