New digital initiative connecting the public to pro athletes


I’m Jacqueline, an associate producer from CBC Sports. I’m writing to tell you about a fantastic opportunity for your runners and track & field athletes!

Team Next: Mentoring Greatness is one of our digital initiatives for the Pan Am Games. It’s a "how to" website with great takeaway about the mental, physical and financial aspects of being a world class athlete, including testimonies from gold medal Olympians like sprinter Bruny Surin and triathlete Simon Whitfield.

Our "Ask a Mentor" section would allow athletes, like those at your club/associate clubs, to ask professionals questions about form, how to go pro, an Olympic runner’s lifestyle, training, nutrition tips, etc. Your athletes can even post videos of their races/events and get an Olympian’s direct feedback!

We are reaching out and encouraging clubs/organizations to make the most of this opportunity and to filter the website to your athletes.

Thank you for your time! Below are the links to the website. Enjoy!

Team Next: Ask a mentor –

To post a video – coming soon!

Jacqueline Doorey
Associate Producer, CBC Sports digital


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