Our Season so far

​OFSAA! What a great beginning to our season! It took 4 weeks of qualifying races to make it to OFFSAA, but we believe the season is now just getting underway. There are so many more awesome races just ahead!

NOC athletes ran their hearts out! And some ran “out of their minds”. That is when your body takes you far beyond what your mind thinks is possible. Always believe with your heart! It will take you to amazing places.

ALL the NOC athletes made the coaches very proud to see their courage, determination, humility, and joy.

Top performances:

Emma Nero won “Silver is so sweet” in the senior girls 100m Hurdles.

And then the number 6 became our lucky number for the ribbons:

Shane Decker 6th in senior boys 100m

Brock Deba 6th in midget boys 800m

Kayla McGowan 6th in junior girls 3000m

And why do we love to coach all these amazing kids??

“Seeing a great performance inspires me to no end. I’m moved by others’ dreams and by their devotion and courage in the pursuit of excellence. I get choked up when I see a kid, or anyone else, fighting hopeless odds – someone who goes out there to run the lonely roads with a dream in the heart, a gleam in the eye, and a goal in mind. I admire those who have the courage to step up to the line of a great race to run their heart out for a dream.”

Racing the Antelope, by Bernd Heinrich

As coach Bill said​:​
“It has been a roller coaster ride” for the past three days.

According to the amazing message Tracy sent us, the NOC family is a team:

“We train together. We race together. We win together. We lose together. We celebrate together. And we take disappointment together.”

We are in this together and we will grow!

NOC ROCKS! # letsdothis Together! Bring on the summer season! More PB’s coming to a track near you.



Sharon Stewart
905 933-2762
Coach, Niagara Olympic Track and Field Club


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