A very big THANK YOU! And a Facilities update.

ThankYouGiraffesThank you to all the Volunteers who braved horrible blustery, wintery conditions (including a few snow flakes!) to do the annual Spring cleanup at the Club. It looks pretty good all spruced up ready for the competitive season to begin in less than 2 weeks.

We’d also like to thank the City’s Recreation and Community Services crew for coming by to check on garbage pickup and arrange for brush pickup resulting from this morning’s efforts. Portapotties were also placed early this year by the City (shared with the soccer and football fields), at the Club’s request, and the broken bleacher seating was repaired promptly. This blogsite is regularly scanned by City Staff to schedule  water availability, lighting service, perimeter fence repairs (from vandalism) and tree maintenance, so that crews are not scheduled in a way that would interfere with Meets.

We have been pre-notified by the City, that because of the resolute advance of the emerald ash borer pest, our line of beautiful mature Ash trees will have to be felled this summer to avoid fallen tree/branch hazard. They will be replaced by new, young trees, but obviously it will take some years to regain the shade canopy.

Again, to those of you who came out to help this morning,



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