ECHO Power Equipment Canada becomes the Official Outdoor Equipment Supplier to NOC


2015 Canadian Masters Track and Field Championships St. Catharines, Ontario July 17-18, 2015

No, no no! Not that Masters!

Coming soon to Niagara’s best Track and Field facility.

Please download the attached package.
We look forward to being gracious hosts.
See you soon.

Sharon Stewart
905 933-2762
​Head ​Coach, Niagara Olympic Track and Field Club

master tech package.pdf

Athletics Ontario Reunion/Family Event


We’re closed for a short time on May 31st from 9-11am

closed-signPlease mark your Calendars.

Jut run on the spot for a couple of hours if you get antsy.

news update

The spring track season is here! The daily school meets are underway and the place is busy, busy, busy.

A big shout out to Steve and Brent for the new deck at the finish line; and to Wayne for the new long jump boards.

There are still more projects … next up is the PAINTING. The first priority is the shipping container at the start end of the track and the Clubhouse. We will let you know when the paint has arrived, and then parents who can help out and swing the brush can join in!

One day, very soon, we will all be sitting in the bleachers admiring our great work and cheering our kids on in the Provincial championships!


Sharon Stewart
905 933-2762
Coach, Niagara Olympic Track and Field Club

Legion District B Championships at NOC June 20th 2015

The Royal Canadian Legion District B Track and Field Championships is open to all midget and youth athletes.
There is no school or club affiliation required.

2015 District B Legion Track and Field Meet – final.pdf


NOC parents rocked the spring clean up Saturday!!! The track rail is OUT! It must be spring!
Some mighty muscled moms dug the hole for the water line connection.
Some carpenter dads finished the deck rail.
The tiller moms did an awesome job on the shot put and long jump pits.
And a great deal of raking was accomplished.
Many hands helped today!
And we will continue next Saturday … more raking!!
Hopefully with a little more sunshine in the morning!

Cheers to Team NOC on the clean up!

Sharon Stewart
905 933-2762
Coach, Niagara Olympic Track and Field Club

Time To let your voice be heard about To(i)lets!

Westpark Washroom with SharonSince the St. Catharines’ Council vote to stall the new Westpark toilets, Sharon Stewart hasn’t been sitting around.

Flush from the success of attracting some of the Summer’s bigger events outside the Pan Am / Parapan Games, Sharon has not wasted any time in seeking to change the minds of Councilors who voted against the motion.

The St, Catharines Standard has published the story and is inviting readers to vote on support for the washrooms.

Even if you’re in two minds about the topic, please read the article and support Sharon’s campaign if you can.

Thank you.

Tea For the Tiller People

Update!! Blue skies are on order for Saturday.

We have one​ Tiller, but need another!
We also need a small generator to power up the saws to cut wood.
The plywood floor in one container needs replacing.

Rakes, brooms, shovels! Bring it on!!​
We’ll get the Tea!​

Sharon Stewart
905 933-2762
Coach, Niagara Olympic Track and Field Club

SPRING Cleanup. April 11th & 18th. Your Club needs you for 2 hours each weekend.

​SPRING! clean up! Saturday April 11 and Saturday April 18. 10:00 am to noon.

All hands on deck! Please bring your rakes and brooms, garden gloves and energy. Invite all the family to come and help make our facility spiffy for the season. Volunteer hours for high school students are awarded.

The first TO DO list:

  • put out the rail
  • rake the entire facility for leaves and garbage
  • prepare the long jump pits
  • prepare the shot put sector

For each of long jump and shot put we need a heavy duty rototiller. If you have one available and can bring, please let us know. Otherwise we need a captain for each project to rent a tiller and bring it.

Other urgent jobs … you can take away from JP … (I will hold him back!)

  • finish the railing on the porch
  • install the fire extinguishers and exit signs in the Clubhouse

And still later, … we need to replace the perimeter boards in the jumping pits.

Go NOC!! Team Clean UP!


Sharon Stewart
905 933-2762
​Head ​
Coach, Niagara Olympic Track and Field Club